Holder of Hope (Limited Release)

Holder of Hope (Limited Release)


This beautiful piece, created with Holders of Hope in mind, is perfect as a set or separated and gifted as a reminder that someone else is holding onto hope in this season with you.

You will receive two fine art prints (two halves of a whole Hope circle) 5”x7” each, 2 cards explaining Hope Circles, “Holder of Hope” writing to keep and “Cry Your Tears” writing to give away. This way, when it is time for your friend to hold onto hope for themselves, you will have everything to share.

If you would like to have this sent as a gift, please fill out the the form and I will send a message to them on a notecard.  Please make sure you put their address in the “ship to” section at checkout. 

This a print of original artwork by Brooks Duell. Images may not be reproduced, resold, or used in any form without written consent.

Prints will be shipped flat in a plastic protective sleeve with a backing inside a Brooks Duell mailer. Orders are shipped USPS First Class Mail.

All sales are final.

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Holder of Hope

Two halves of a whole Hope Circle -- I love the thought of two people having a piece of each other -- having a constant, visual reminder of the hope they share.  When I began painting and writing what was on my heart for those who walk with others during hard times, I realized that sometimes we must hold onto hope for others. Sometimes, there is so much anger and confusion and sadness in the hearts of the hurting that they are just too weak to carry the hope we so long to give.  And so we carefully hold on to each promise, each ounce of hope, until it is time. These two pieces were created to be hung side by side by the one holding onto hope, or miles apart if it is time to give that hope away. 

Cry Your Tears

If I could I would cry your tears for you. I would hold your hand and brush the hair from your face. I would say, ‘Shhh, it’s okay, I’ve got this.’ I would close my eyes and imagine all of your tears—the ones you have cried, the ones you will cry and the ones that are gently streaming down your face. I would imagine there would be as many tears as the stars in the sky—too countless to number. And in my taking and in my carrying, your tears are turned to gold as they are greatly valued in my heart. Your tears are a treasure to me--an honor which I do not take lightly. If only I could…